Class 3

Tell me a Dragon

It's Going To Rain!

Another story from The Stories of Wizards and Witches by Enid Blyton. I hope you enjoy the story and maybe learn a little bit about the scarlet pimpernel flower. Enjoy!

Big-Eyes the Enchanter

'The Queen's orang-utan' plus optional writing task in the description

Finally, a book with illustrations!!! I wonder what you would want for your birthday if you were the Queen? Where do you think the Queen went? The Queen writes a letter to the orang-utan a week later. She tells him about all the things she has been doing and all the places she has visited. What do you think she would write in a letter to the orang-utan? Maybe you could write the letter and send it to me via email to It would be lovely to hear your thoughts.

The Magic Rubber

Another story to get your imagination working. I hope you enjoy listening and following the boy's journey.

The Wicked Witch story

I wanted to share a short story with you from a book called Tales of Tricks and Treats by Enid Blyton. There aren't any pictures so get ready you let your mind do the work of painting the pictures as we go along. I hope you enjoy the first story of the week. Mr. Zisaruk-Gibson

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